Year: 2018

Session 3 Dealing With Misplaced Shame

INTRODUCTION I        A New Set Of Eyes Some of us remember Peter Falk who was perhaps most famous for playing the role of the rumpled but always triumphant detective in the hit show “Columbo.” (picture of him as Columbo).  A

Session 2b Dealing With Well-Placed Shame

INTRODUCTION I        Weighed Down With Shame We are in the third week of our series “Beyond All Shame” and if you’ve missed either one of the last couple, I’d encourage you to check them out online or through The Branch

Session 2a The Cross of Shame

      INTRODUCTION I        Shame Happens So we’re diving into the second weekend of our series “Beyond All Shame.” Last weekend, I gave you a glimpse of how prevalent the theme of shame is in Scripture and how it can be

Session 1 – Shame 101

INTRODUCTION I        Shame – An Everyday Experience A few months ago the New York Times told the story of Justine Sacco, a 30 year-old corporate communications director for a large company in New York City.  She was traveling to visit